| September/October 1977

Hi Dear Ones! When you are reading this issue the shows, reunions, meets, festivals, whatever will be in full swing - folks will be enjoying each others hobby interest and planning ahead for the future shows which are always anticipated as bigger, better, beautiful isn't it fun?? I know it is for I get the satisfied comments from all you wonderful folk and I know how much you enjoy these get-togethers. The good times pass all too quickly, don't they?? But then, you do have to have time to get back to the normal pattern of daily living and creating and working towards next year's goal. God bless each one of you - enjoy these times to the fullest.

A new group is having their first show on September 25 - their name is Williamsburg Lions Club Gas Engine, Steam and Tractor Show! They'll be meeting for this first show at the Williamsburg Lions Club Community Park. And we just want them to know the Magazine Families are wishing them much success and enthusiasm to continue for many years - and do let us hear how your first show was accomplished.

OTTO TILKER, R. R. 4, Metropolis, Illinois 62960 sounds happy as he writes: 'Just want to thank you for a wonderful picture on the July-August issue. It is just great. And I think most everyone will agree with me. Give us more of that if possible.

I was raised right up with steam and spent over thirty years doing all kinds of work with the engines, Jumbos and Kecks. They were all good. Ran the last steam rig to thresh in my county in year of 1949. We had no radios on them at that time, but we got some real music from the exhaust. Either on sawmill or thresher (Keck could out talk Jumbo) and neighbors have told me that late in the evening they would like to sit out in the yard and listen to old Keck talk.

I go through the Iron-Men first whenever it comes. Keep up the good work and good luck. I have sold some things through your paper and I must say I feel they are all a group of wonderful people.' (Thanks for a friendly note, Otto bet we could have a good chat if we met.)

DENNY KURTZNEIN, R. R.2, Box 88, Montevideo, Minnesota 56265 is restoring an A. D. Baker steam engine believed to be in the early 1900s. It is a 16 HP with an engine number of 459. He would like to know if anybody could tell him the original color and any other information.