| September/October 1978

  • Soot in the flues

  • Soot in the flues

It's hard to believe we're into the September-October issue already and headed for another year with Volume 33. Right now the shows are in session and material is being turned out which will make up the future issues. Keep the letters and articles coming in so we can keep the Iron-Men Family happy.

Now we'll get into the letters and the first one is rather long but interesting. It comes from ELIZABETH H. GILMORE, R. D. 1, Frankfort, Ohio 45628 as she writes: 'Enclosed find copies of a letter and newspaper items sent to me in reference to the steam boiler explosion in the article that came out in the May-June I.M.A. This is the only response to the article that I have received. I'm thankful Mr. Dickey was interested enough to write. It has satisfied our curiosity as to what happened.

(Here is Mr. Dickey's letter) I saw your article in the May-June 1978 Iron-Men Album. I don't know whether you already have this information or not, that I am sending you. One is a copy of an article that was reprinted in the Chariton Paper in 1968 and the other was done in the Des Moines Register October 7, 1977. At one time I thought of doing an article on this for the Iron-Men Album but will never get around to it. A friend of mine has a picture of the grove. (Art's address is: Art Dickey, 306 West Anthony, Corydon, Iowa 50060.)

The following is reprinted from The Des Moines Register, Friday, October 7, 1977:

OAKLEY, LA.Henry McKinnis, born September 10, 1880, died April 1, 1893, 12 years, 6 months and 20 days.

This boy went to the boilers top Obeying his father's command But when he poured his bucket of cold water in The flues did not expand.