| September/October 1979

Hi! Blessings to everyone hope you are enjoying a good summer and if you do have to cut down on traveling I'm sure you'll get to some of the home shows.

We're so busy here with getting ready to move we have lived here for 30 years and some of you can understand how much can be accumulated in that amount of time I always was more or less a pack rat and thinking I'd save it for someone would need it later on I wish now I had not cared so much We have a big two-story house here with basement and attic (a big attic which held far too much we've sold a few things, given box after box to the church rummages, sent some to needy families, and still kept a few things (someone might need). As yet we haven't moved, just a few pieces of furniture and some boxes of dishes, bedding, etc. We sold our home and we are going into a small brick rancher so think of us now and then and offer a prayer.

Now to the letters DICK WATSON writes: 'I would like to identify the top left hand picture on page 24 of May-June I.M. A. as a nice picture of an Advance Rumely traction engine with a good looking man, printed from the reverse side. Most all engines of U.S. makes had flywheel on the right side of boiler viewed from the back. Notice the name on the smoke box door even with my poor eyes I can see the letters are reversed.

I don't know any of the principals of the other pictures, but they are interesting anyway. Too bad to cut the front from the bevel geared

Aultman Taylor, but it's good anyhow.

The youngster by the model Nichols & Shepard looks like a grand engineer.