| September/October 1980

Hi to all our friends of Iron-Men Album Family and to all the newcomers we will be welcoming we always get some new members in our family after each show or reunion, so if you haven't tried it, let the Steam-bug bite youbetcha you'll be glad you did!

Did you ever watch these Steam Fiends trading stories and information on their engines and related machinery? They're happy as can be, and some of them, I believe, enjoy it more as the day goes on and the hands and the clothes get dirtier, and I think sometimes they're a mite amused if the SOOT does sprinkle out over the crowdHeck! You have to smell that smoke and steam and get the feel of the atmosphere that makes up a get-together of this kind or you won't fully enjoy this great hobby. So, if you haven't been to any of these affairstry and get there the hobby just might be (ketchin).

Now, here is a short story worth reading /many of you farm folk will probably relate to this taken from Wellsprings of Wisdom by Ralph L. Woods and R. Gibson.

A sturdy but diffident young man asked a farmer for a job as a farm hand.

'What can you do?' inquired the farmer.

'I can do whatever has to be done, and I can sleep when the wind blows,' replied the applicant.