| September/October 1983

'In the Good Old Summertime' well, surely is that time, isn't it? And what are you learning new this year at the reunions?? Let us hear the old and the new from you in your upcoming articles and letters hope you are all enjoying the visits with each other at the reunions. Seems to me that new organizations are always being formed and this is good, surely means the hobby is still very interesting and growing. And with this hobby, if you're free to travel, you get to meet so many nice folks and see some beautiful country and interesting and historic places. So keep traveling, keep enjoying and keep steaming!

Our first letter is from WILLIAM SCHRADER, Route 1, Neligh, Nebraska 68756 and he wants to know: 'Has anyone found the whereabouts of a Port Huron engine, S/N 8443, tandem compound, 19-65 HP? I had a write-up in your column in July-August 1979 issue on the history of this engine, during the time it was in this community and since that write-up, I have traced this engine through six different owners and still haven't found the present owner. I know it is still going because it has been restored twice.' (Well, to my knowledge, I don't know anything about it, but let's ask the rest of the Iron-Men Family, maybe one of them has it let's hear from you out there, we need help in locating this Port Huron engine and owner.)

Williams continues: 'I really enjoy the magazine and the write-ups and I like Carl Erwin's and Carl M. Lathrop's articles and also the letters in the Soot in the Flues column.' (Thanks, and we enjoy hearing from all our folks in the IMA family.)

'I have recently purchased a 1909 Case 9 HP steam traction engine, my first.' says JOSEPH C. GALBREATH, 1912 3rd Avenue, Sterling, Illinois 61081.

'The serial number is 21693 from the estate of Guy McCausland of Camanche, Iowa. He purchased it from the estate of Justin Hingtgen of LaMotte, Iowa. I would like to hear from anyone with any history or other information of this engine. If I get enough data, I'll send an article later. I know of four others of this size and would like to know how many are left. If other owners will please send me the year and S/N of their engines, I'll make up a list and send to IMA.

The smoke box door is cracked on my engine and the grouters have been removed and replaced with rubber, Army tank pads. Anyone have patterns for recasting the door and grouters? I appreciate any help I can get and will be waiting to hear from other owners.