| September/October 1984

Hi! to all my good friends of IMA hope you are having a wonderful summer on your hops and stops at all the many shows across the nation don't forget if you run across any new show or perhaps a small show that may not be mentioned in our Directory, please let us know and make us known to the folks at that show toot' will be appreciated. We are also interested in Museums that are related to our hobby magazines or early farm times of America.

Do you know by the time you receive this magazine we are well past the half year of 1984you may recall I mentioned in the Jan-Feb. issue we do not know what is in store for '84and it's good we don't well, I'll bring you up to date on our news. I know many of you folks are familiar with Keli Branyan Gaffney in corresponding with this magazine. I'm not sure you knew Keli is my daughter and the mother of a 5 year old beautiful little daughter. Well, Keli is no longer with our magazine family, as she recently has taken over full time domestic duties. Keli was married early last fall to Martin Flannery, and was expecting a baby July 5th by Caesarean birth well, the baby is here came very fast June 21, still had the C-section birth, but gave us all quite a scare as we nearly lost both Keli and the baby girl. But, Praise God, he saw fit to bring them both through and as of now they are doing as well as expected for which we are grateful. So now there are two little ones, Megan Julie Flannery and Kortni Lynn Gaffney. I just wanted to share as I know many of you folks are interested in the staff family members.

And now on to our few letters that came for the columnget writing my dear friends or I might not be able to tell you any more tidbits

C. T. TOTTEN, Box 392, Calder, Idaho 83808. Phone 208-245-3370 sends this: 'I sure could use some help from someone out there in Iron Land. I have a Duplex steam pump 3X2X3 S/N 40840. It was made by the Gardner Governor Co., Quincy, Illinois. Any and all information on this unit, such as color, manufacturer, date, etc. will be greatly appreciated. All letters will be answered.'

'I know where there is a condemned Minneapolis boiler setting if anyone is interested,' writes DAVID BRAZEAU, 1511 Western Avenue, Eau Claire, Wisconsin 54703. (Get in touch with David if you want more information.)

Next communication comes from VERNE KING, Sargent, Nebraska 68874 as he writes: 'Mr. Joe Poland has been restoring a large metal eagle for the Chadron State College and I am interested in some information on it. It was on a building in Omaha, Nebraska and when Case moved out, they gave the college the eagle. It was vandalized and Mr. Poland restored it. I helped him a small amount and became quite interested in it.