| September/October 1986

Hi There! Hope the summer is treating you great and you are putting on the miles on your mode of transportation as you make the Reunion Trek across the country or state or just across town. Surely is a wonderful hobby, isn't it? And I'm counting on getting many letters about these great get-togethers all across the land. I'm so happy we have quite a few letters this issue, (like old times?) so we'll just get into them.

First communication is from GENE DRUMMOND, 15509 Drummond Road, Orient, Ohio 43146: 'A while back I was looking over my collection of Avery and Case catalogs. Paid close attention to the results of the Winnipeg Motor Contest at Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. I have a number of catalogs that give factual information on this subject.

'From the Avery catalog for 1910 on page 16 it states that in 1909 the Avery 30 HP double undermounted engine (two 7 by 10 cylinders) won the Sweepstakes and Gold Medal at Brandon and the Bronze Medal at Winnipeg in Canada. Photo of winning outfit on page 21 of the 1910 Avery catalog. The outfit was a 30 HP double undermounted engine and 10 gang Cockshutt Avery plow. From the 1912 Avery catalog on page 5, it states that the Avery undermounted engine won first place in its class and the Sweepstakes in the 1911 Winnipeg contest. It also states in a maximum brake horsepower test the 30 Avery developed 159 HP. NOTE: This engine carried 200 pounds of steam. The 1912 Avery catalog lists the Alberta and Saskatchewan boiler as only being built for the 20 HP and 30 HP engines.

'Now a look at the 110 Case to see how it did in the Winnipeg Motor Contest. From 1909 Case catalog on page 18, it states (12 by 12) cylinder simple traction engine rated 32 HP envelops 110 brake (Stationary) HP. The boiler for this engine was built to carry 160 lbs. steam pressure. In the 1910 Case catalog the rating was changed from 32 HP to 110 HP. In 1910 The Province of Alberta, Canada approved the 110 Case boiler for 175 lbs. of steam.

'From the 1914 Case catalog it states that the 110 Case was four times entered at Winnipeg and four times Gold Medal and Sweepstakes winner. Holds records in all departments of economy and efficiency which has never been equaled by any other steam traction engine.

'The Winnipeg contest was much talked about by machinery men of the time. It should be noted that the 1914 Case catalog states that in a Prony Brake test at Winnipeg the 110 Case developed 144.22 BHP at normal speed and at pressure.'