| September/October 1990

Well, the time is really rolling around and we are now past the half way point of 1990. I wonder what has happened in each of our lives. As we approached 1990 I am sure we had some vision of what we would want to accomplish, what wonderful happy times we would have, or sad unexpected events in our lives, and also the hopes we aimed for. Did they all come true? We still have several months to anticipate for the upcoming days. Hope your time is flowing gently and wonderfully as we look toward the next year, where we will then start all over with aspirations for the future.

The following story Two Ships taken from Wellsprings of Wisdom by Ralph L. Woods is a little along the line of which I am speaking.

Two ships were once seen near land. One of them was leaving the harbor, and the other was coming into it. Everyone was cheering the outgoing ship, but the incoming ship was scarcely noticed.

A wise man standing nearby explained the people's reaction. 'Rejoice not,' he said, 'over the ship that is setting out to sea, for you know not what destiny awaits it, what storms it may encounter, what dangers lurk before it. Rejoice rather over the ship that has reached port safely and brought back all its passengers in peace.'

It is the way of the world, that when a human being is born, all rejoice; but when he dies, all sorrow. It should be the other way around. No man can tell what troubles await the developing child on its journey through life. But when a man has lived well and dies in peace, all should rejoice, for he has completed his journey successfully, and he is departing from this world with the imperishable crown. Midrash (How true! I think we human beings do a lot of things backwards and do not comply with what our God really expects from us).

And now on to our communications which you await for each issue. I know, because you have told me so--and by the way, why don't you sit down and write to us? I'm sure you have something to share in this column.