| September/October 1993

Greetings to all my IMA family. When you get this magazine some of you will be at the great shows across the nation and enjoying your great hobby. Isn't it a shame though, with the wonderful hobby it is, in this fast world there aren't many more of these great monsters? None are made anymore for a long time, and won't be. It is definitely a loved hobby of the past and many of the folks are not here anymore, but the families carry on. It's great the very popular hobby of gas engines and items relevant to that brother engine is carrying on at full blast; just hope there are many more years of the two combining in these great get-togethers. Now, don't forget when you get back home after your trek across the great U.S. to sit down and write me some letters and tell me all about the great trips you have had enjoying your hobby.

'I have always been more than a little intrigued by the prospect of one of those 150 HP Case road locos showing up,' writes QUENTIN W. SHULTZ, Box 83, Griswald, Iowa 51535.

'Several years ago there was a hot rumor of a fellow seeing one in Colorado. He even took a picture of it, but the film was bad and so the picture didn't turn out. That large Case show engine in the 'house on the rock' in Wisconsin is hard to judge. The only way to investigate it would be to get permission to climb over it with a tape measure. Perhaps others have already done that.

I have been an ALBUM family member since 1953, so have quite a pile of them in the basement. I still enjoy each issue and hope it never quits. I was just a young engineer with a 50 Case back in '53, but time waits for no one. I still have my complete Case steam outfit.' (Thanks for writing, that is what keeps the ALBUM coming.)

A letter comes from one of our IMA family who has contributed many times to the column. It is from FRANK J. BURRIS, 1102 Box Canyon Road, Fallbrook, California 92028: 'Amidst the efforts of writing my autobiography (I am up to page 24, at age 6 years) and trying to master word-processing and several other pieces of 'software'. I just had to inquire whether the picture of the very youthful Anna Mae (IMA Mar/Apr '93, page 10) was that one of your daughters?'

(Now, Frank you're just teasing me! You know it says Front Row, Anna Mae, then daughters Dana and Keli. I think too it was a great picture and I'm glad we did this. Had a big get-together at Dana's house in September, 1990 and we all have enlarged copies of this as that was our last complete family picture.)