| September/October 1994

Henry Brovont's Advance outfit a 32 x 48 thresher, and I believe a 12 HP engine, my uncle Aaron Brovont on board. Photo taken about 1909 or 1910.

They hooked cables onto them, shook them a couple of times, then pulled them over. Mr. Wood made the patterns for the large castings, built up and riveted the frame. The lugs or spuds were all turned on a slight taper, out of steel shafting.

'The first engine was equipped with 25 HP Geiser boiler and engine mounted on the frame. The second engine for some reason was equipped with a commercial boiler, but they still used a 25 HP Geiser steam motor.

'It would have been quite a thrill to watch these large cable drum engines at work. I am thinking surely some relative or maybe the town's library must have something saved, information about these large engines and their place and Mr. L.C. Wood in Iowa's past history.'

I'm sure you fellows of Steam Land will be interested in this letter from HOWARD BROVONT, 64954 C.R. 15, Goshen, Indiana 46526-9736.

'Here it is '94 already. It has been many years since I have been through your fair city. I spent a while 60 miles south near Port Deposit, Maryland.