| September/October 1996

Hello, all our friends in Engine and! Hope you're all doing well and that your engines are running in tip-top condition.

Everyone must be ever so busy at the shows and steam ps, for our pile of letters has been dwindling. We know many of you miss dear Anna Maewe miss her too! She sure had style and a way with words. Probably the best way to keep her memory alive is to continue the close, personal relationships you've been able to kindle with other collectors through this column. Anna Mae's heart was always warmed by the friends who spoke to each other across Engine land through their letters to her, and although we could never match her spirit, we do want to continue as a place for folks to keep in touch. We can only do that if you write a letter once in a while. . . it needn't be anything fancy, or a full blown story. A brief hello and an update on what (or who) you've seen on travels to shows, or perhaps a tough engine question that's got you puzzled, or a crazy idea that you're wondering if it will work, or just a 'hi-howdy' will do. Drop us a line!

Speaking of what and who we see at shows, I (Gail) hope that by the time you read this I will have seen some of you myself, as my husband Kelly and I are planning a trip to Colorado and Utah in August, and will be stopping by a few shows while we're out there. The folks from here in the office usually try to get to a close-by show whenever we're traveling somewhere.

Just thinking about that upcoming vacation has got me daydreaming visions of rocky peaks, scenic mountain vistas, narrow gauge railroads, low humidity, pine-scented air, good chicken-fried steak at every restaurant. . . . Whoa! I guess I'd better move on to your letters before I lose myself in the American West!

We received this news release from Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, Ontario Agricultural Museum, PO Box 38, Milton, Ontario, L9T 2Y3, regarding the planned Massey-Harris-Ferguson 150th Anniversary Celebration.

'A recent meeting of well-known collectors of Massey-Harris tractors and memorabilia confirmed that the province's collecting community is optimistic about the future of the Ontario Agricultural Museum in Milton.