| September/October 1998

'I have been reading my Iron Men Album magazines diligently in the meantime. It is always an exciting day at my house when the Album arrives in the mailbox! I was excited to see my son's photography of Austin Monk's 40 HP Peerless on the cover. Kevin Small stated, 'I believe there are many readers who have old plowing photos, so why not send them to IMA?1 I think I can share a few of my project photographs without detracting from my book. This is just a random sampling of the plowing photographs.

'I sure appreciated the Reeves and Gaar-Scott pictures from Larry Creed. (Larry, I get just as excited as Lyle Hoff master, looking at Reeves pictures!) The first picture showed two 32 HP Reeves engines pulling six binders each, cutting 250 acres per day. Larry asked, 'I wonder how much wheat was cut with steam providing the pulling power?' Friend, I have no idea, but I went through some of my photographs of steam engines pulling binders, as well as combined harvesters, and came up with nearly thirty pictures, so it must have been quite widely practiced. The photograph of the tandem compound Gaar Scott was an interesting picture of a rare engine.

'Larry Creed echoed my sentiments about the 'Something Different' article of a few months ago. Keeping IMA 'steam ' is the most important job you ladies have, and I know that most of us do appreciate you keeping it that way! (I have to confess that I examined a 'magneto tweaking' friend's [contributor, John Edgerton] Gas Engine Magazine. It is a great magazine for them!)

'With that said, here I go sending you a picture of 'non-steam,' but I thought it was quite a nice picture of the workings of a push binder taken years ago in a grain field near Hecla, South Dakota. I would bet that within a few weeks of this photograph, a steam engine and separator entered the same field?

'I would encourage the rest of you to sit down and send something to IMA. Even if you don't care to write anything, send photographs with a description. Thanks for all you do for us, Linda and Gail! I, for one, deeply appreciate you and our magazine.

A 30 HP Nichols & Shepard side mounted double plowing in North Dakota. Notice the reunion mounted plowing drawbar and extension rims.