| September/October 1999

It's summer time again, and of course, our collectors have turned their efforts towards exhibiting, attending and socializing at the many shows that are held this time of year. Thus, we again call for each of you to record your experiences in words and pictures to share with your fellow collectors in the IMAs to come!

As we prepare this issue for the printer, we are once again plagued with temperatures over 100 degrees and a troublesome lack of rainfall in our region of the country. Hopefully this unfortunate weather will be a short term unpleasantness and won't have a serious affect on the summer's crops.

And now, on to our many letters and interesting pictures from our readers:

DAVE HUGHES, 11 Riceholm Place, Welland, Ontario, Canada L3C 6H2, writes: 'To the fraternity of steam enthusiasts everywhere, I take pen in hand to thank each and everyone who fueled the fire of youngsters' interests.

'Specifically, I'm speaking of engine owners who have allowed the younger generation to be taken under their wing and to teach us about the magnificent world of steam.

'One person and good friend that I mention is John Calder of Jerseyville, Ontario, Canada.