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| September/October 2002

Traction Engines and Threshing Machines

Aultman & Taylor on the Incline

Larry Mix, 2075 Coburn Road, Hastings, MI 49058 (e-mail:, writes in on Aultman & Taylors on the incline:

I have been meaning to write and send in some pictures to the Iron-Men Album for quite sometime now, but I have been extremely busy trying to restore our 16 HP Aultman & Taylor for our show this year. This year we are featuring Aultman & Taylor at the Michigan Steam Engine and Threshers Club Show in July at Mason, Mich. We have done a ton of work on it and still have a lot to do yet. Now on the pictures.

Photo #1: For all those people who thought Case was the only engine to climb the wooden high ramp, here is a picture of a 16 HP Aultman & Taylor engine on the ramp (this is the engine we are working on now). This picture was taken in 1957 at Hastings, Mich., at the Michigan Live Steam Club Show at Charlton Park. The master of the high ramp, Harry Woodmansee, is on the engine with his pipe. The man sitting on his rear end is a much younger Bernie Woodmansee; I am unsure who the other man is.

Mix Photo #1: 16 HP Aultman & Taylor on the incline in 1957. This same engine is currently undergoing restoration.

Photo #2: This shows Harry Woodmansee on the high ramp with the 16 HP Aultman & Taylor in 1956 at Marshall, Mich., at the Michigan Live Steam Club Show.

Photo #3: 1956 at Marshall, Mich., 16 HP Aultman & Taylor, Harry Woodmansee with white hat and pipe.