| May/June 2001

Two interesting pictures come from RICHARD COUNTRYMAN, 313 S. Celia Avenue, Muncie, Indiana 47303-4613, who writes, 'I have subscribed to your fine magazine for a few years now and I have always enjoyed the photographs from the 'old days.' I have enclosed two photos that I made from photographic glass plates. We found a box of glass plates in my grandfather's basement after he passed away. They were negatives of family get-togethers and relatives from long ago. Enclosed are two of these images that my amateur photographer grandfather took sometime between 1905-1915. My grandfather lived all of his life in Herkimer, New York, and his brother had a family farm outside of Canajoharie, New York. Many of the plates had images of horses, buggies, cows and the farm buildings. I hope your readers enjoy the photos.'

We had a call from DAVID KROMER, P.O. BOX 307, Dallas, Oregon 97338, and he has a 1912 Aultman-Taylor 20-60 steam traction engine. He is seeking the color scheme, color of lettering and striping on this engine. He is looking for pictures in color with the proper color scheme. Would also like to know if there is an Aultman-Taylor Club and is someone collecting the serial numbers of these engines? If you have any information for David, please call 503-623-3316 collect.

We received this 'thanks' from CHAD ATTEBERRY, 931 Robin Road, Blackwell, Oklahoma 74631, 'First, I would like to thank the staff of IMA for the picture of Ivan Burns on the back cover of the March/April issue of IMA. Ivan worked long and hard many years building and supporting Oklahoma Steam Threshers at Pawnee, Oklahoma.'

'I ran on the Case Incline at Pawnee for ten years with Big Mac's World Famous Elgin Watch 40 No. 31393.' The board of directors at Pawnee voted to repair the incline for 2001 and 2002. Thanks to the board, Bob Marrs family, Ross Staggs, and Jerry Swanson, the new planks are on the incline and it is ready to go.

'One hundred years ago the first incline test exhibition by Merrill Meggs at state fairs of Minnesota, Illinois and Missouri were held in 1901.' One hundred years later, May 4, 5 and 6, 2001, Big Mac's 40 Case once again will be running on the Case incline at Pawnee. Paul Martens, Fairview, Oklahoma; Carl Tuttle, Howell, Michigan; President of J. I. Case Heritage Foundation will be running his 40 Case No. 34641 also on the incline. I would like to thank Carol for supporting Oklahoma Steam Threshers.

'I always look forward to Larry Creed's and Gary Yaeger's pictures in the Album.' Larry mentioned our dear friend, Lyle Hoffmaster, and Case Eagle feathers. You must remember our banker friend almost choked on Eagle feathers at a show in Illinois. I was afraid we would have to call 911. Thanks to Tommy Lee, he solved the problem. Tommy said, 'If you don't want to choke an eagle feathers, it's best to keep your mouth shut.'