| November/December 1963

  • Tractor
    See Mr. Bieritz's letter.

  • Tractor

R. 2, Box 168, Yorkville, Illinois

W. C. Bieritz writes.......

This is a picture of a 22-40 Case on rubber that I brought home from Waupaca, Wisconsin. My older son, David, is on the tractor.

My desire to own one of these started about 35 years ago when my father bought a Case 15-27 from Jack Kennel berry, then located in Minooka, Illinois. At that time, Jack told my Dad that if his 10 year old son couldn't crank that 15-27 and start it he would buy the boy a new suit of clothes. Well, when my older brother drove it home from Minooka, Jack was at our place waiting, and of course, I had to try it on the crank right away. It started on the first pull-up on the crank so Mr. Kennel berry didn't have to buy me a new suit.

Then a few years later, about the time I was in high school, I got a chance to drive a 2545 Case on the Kendall Township road grader. This was an awfully rough ride. It had steel wheels with road cleats. Still, with all the bumping and jarring, I enjoyed every mile of the driving. We used to pull some pretty good sized hedge stumps out with this 2545.

One time we got stuck in some soft wet clay off the side of the road. We were stuck but with some patience, chains, planks and posts the old 25-45 pulled herself out. Even after all this trouble and rough riding I still got one and I do wish it was on steel instead of rubber.