| November/December 1966

  • 14 HP Port Huron engine

  • 14 HP Port Huron engine

R. R. 1, Clinton, Illinois

I am sending you a picture of my present rig, a 14 HP Port Huron engine and 28 x 50 Keck separator. The following is a list of the separators I have had the good fortune to have run and attended as my father had four complete rigs and then I purchased my first rig in 1928, then added another in 1929. I purchased my first combine in 1934. I threshed until 1943, then ran two combines until 1952, when I quit.

My father developed heart trouble in 1929 and until his death in 1940, it was my lot to keep all the rigs going. I would try to make it to each rig daily to see if they needed any help or maybe I could pull to the next job during the noon hour, or make some repairs, so I never knew where or when I would eat dinner.


May the eternal halo of steam engine smoke and hot cylinder oil enshroud your labors with fun and joy that others on this sordid earth may-learn to live like good men and canines struck by an all-wise Creator.

May the Lord bless all Klopfers, Queenie's and Case Engines, world without end, and from Elmer, 'AMEN'.'

Now for a list of the separators; Nichols & Shepard, Keck Gonnerman, Huber, Aultman-Taylor, Minneapolis and Case.