| September/October 1952

5203 Davison Avenue St. Louis 20, Missouri

I enjoy reading the IRON MEN ALBUM as it brings back old memories, such as having an engine stuck in the mud or getting too near a steep bank and having the foot cave out from under the wheels and it slides into a ditch or the straw pile catches on fire, and having to move fast on short notice.

At this time I am working at Montsana as a machinist where they burn a car of coal every two hours in their boilers. They carry 675 pounds of pressure. For the past three weeks I have been repairing a G. A. Turbine and generator of 1500 K. W. 3600 R. P. M. This is the smaller of the two they have. This is interesting work, however, I would still get a lot of satisfaction out of seeing a traction engine work.

The little Avery return flue is built as follows: Boiler barrel is ?' thick, 24' in diameter, 66' long over all, has a 14' fire flue, with 20 1? flues 52' long, has a 3/8' flue heads, welded in, rear wheels are 10' by 42', front wheels are 4 inches by 24 inches, has the gearing from a 12x24 Hart Parr tractor, for bull gears, 1' steam pipe to cylinder, with Stephenson Link valve gear, cylinder is 3?'x7' fly wheel is 20'x5' has a road speed of 3? miles per hour, all boiler material new steel. We carry 150 pounds pressure, has Mocking Bird whistle and 3 tone chime whistle with a Swiss cow bell on front tank, with a street car bell formerly used on the old horse draws street cars, on cab. Has two injectors, a U. S. ?' and a 3/8 inch metropolitan, one for low pressure and the other a high pressure. Have a nice rubber tired carriage, to hook onto it that will permit 6 grown persons to ride, with seats back to back. So, Elmer if you and Catherine get tired I will take you for a little buzz.