| May/June 1960

46270 Bloomcrest Drive, Northville, Michigan'

Enclosed is a check for a year's subscription to the Iron-Men Album for my husband, Gilbert. The reason for writing you is to let you know 'Gil' borrowed the last two copies from a friend and I was so enthused over the Doll article in the first and inspired by the washday article in the second -- both written by Mrs. Mae Baber - I can hardly wait to find out what the Women's Page will contain the next time. No doubt we'll never let our subscription expire again.

Two years ago I went to the Reunion in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, and for the first time discovered why Gil has always wanted to stop by Antique Shops. I bought a number of antique dolls for a friend and kept a few for myself. Last Pall I came into possession of a large collection of dolls, and this year I hope to exhibit and sell a number of these at the Reunion in Montpelier, Ohio.

If you know of any ladies interested in dolls, antique or old, I hope they will be at the meeting. Also if you know of anyone wanting to part with old muslin underwear or old scraps of any kind I'll be glad to buy them to help dress some of my dolls.