Cast Iron Bed

| July/August 1985

  • # Picture 01

  • # Picture 01

This cut represents our Stationary Engines, which are placed on a heavy and substantial

Planed Top and Bottom, with Heater, Pump and Governor attached. In these Engines, the speed of piston, lap, lead and throw off valve, area of steam ports, pipes and governor valve, the proportion and arrangement of all the parts,

Are the result of many year's experience.

Combining Strength, Durability, Efficiency and Simplicity.

They are furnished with Tubular Boilers, Steam Dome, Safety Valve, Arch Front and Doors, Steam Guage, Grate Bars Blow-off, Stop and Guage Cocks, Check Valve, Cold and Hot Water and Steam Pipes, and all necessary connections and fixtures, for the Prices in the right hand column. The 20 horse and larger sizes are furnished with adjustable Cut-offs of the most approved pattern when desired. Patent Boilers with Tubes removable, $100 extra. Smoke Stacks furnished at 12 cents per pound.

Stationary Engines without Boilers.

Horse Power.