| January/February 1969

310 S. Frankling Street Dwight, Illinois 60420

In almost every issue of the magazine you ask for stories and pictures so I decided to write a few words on the past years events and send some pictures to go along with them.

To introduce myself I will say I am 24 years old and have been a steam enlover for many years. I attended my first steam show at Pontiac, Illinois in 1957 and have been going to many shows around the country ever since.

I would like also to introduce my good friend, Sylvester Fosdick, of Fair bury, Illinois. He is 57 years old, has steam in his blood, and had his Port Huron steam engine at the first steam show in Pontiac, Illinois 20 years ago. He helped his good friend, the late Dan S. Zehr organize this show back in 1947. It has grown to be one of the biggest and best shows in the country and is known as the 'Central States Threshermen's Reunion' of Pontiac, Illinois.

Last September I purchased a 50 H.P. Case Steam Engine in unrestored condition from the widow of the late Reuben G. Bohman of Alpha, Illinois. After having the engine trucked home I started to work on the restoration project. I re-piped the entire engine, replaced the smoke-box bottom, made a new smoke stack, did a lot of cleaning and painting and then I spent the winter and spring building an entirely new contractors water tank for the engine. I still have to build contractors coal bunkers for the platform and install tool boxes and a canopy to complete the restoration. I was able to show the engine for the first time at the Pontiac, Illinois show this year. It really performed well with its 150 pounds of steam pressure as allowed by the Illinois State Test.

Last October', Sylvester Fosdick bought a 60 H.P. Russell Steam Engine in Montacello, Illinois. It looked like it was ready for the junk pile. During the winter it got two new water tanks, a new canopy, a new operators platform, flue sheet repairs, and a new set of 10 gauge flues that we installed ourselves the old fashion way. Then he cleaned and painted it and worked on the mechanical parts. Now it looks and runs like new and is allowed 100 pounds pressure by the State Boiler inspection.