Steam Directory

| March/April 1955

Some time ago Prof. Eiffel Plasterer of Huntington, Indiana, suggested that a directory of steam engines would be interesting. We 'kicked the idea around' for some time, and began last year to assemble the information necessary to put out such a list. We were particularly desirous of making the booklet authentic, and also of obtaining the serial numbers of all engines wherever possible, since the serial number is very important for many reasons.

We made no claim that the book was complete, but we did feel that when the steam fans saw such a listing, they would not only want one but would respond to our appeal for information on their engines. The 500 which were printed last spring are nearly all gone, and we are urging that every man who owns a steam engine will send the following information, if he wishes to be listed in the edition that we plan to put out this spring, provided we receive sufficient information to make another edition worthwhile. Name and complete address of owner; name, make, horsepower and serial number of engine(s).

This directory is NOT a list of steam engines for sale; it is simply a listing of steam engines that have escaped the junk dealer, and is as accurate as we can make it. How complete it is depends entirely on YOU. Send above information to Mrs. L. W. Blaker, Alvordton, Ohio.