Steam Driven Machine Shop in Indiana

| March/April 1971

4461 West 34th Street, Indianapolis, Indiana 46222

We thank Dick Philippi, Editor of Steam Power Quarterly, 12020 Rives Ave., Downey, California 90242 for his permission to use this story in our magazine. It was sent to us by Glenn R. Hamilton, Capt., USA. Ret., 2913 Foltz Street, Indianapolis, Indiana.

Here is a true story that is quite different and unusual. It's about steam engines of various kinds, both past and present, and about the man who has lived a good part of his life with steam engines, steam cars and locomotives.

He is Captain Glenn Hamilton of Mars Hill, a suburb of Indianapolis. He is now retired from the military but still runs his machine shop which is now 40 years old. I have known him almost that long, otherwise I could not write this story about him and his engines, or get the photos to go with it.

While he was still a school boy, his father owned a steam powered machine shop in Paris, Illinois. They did railroad locomotive repair work, including boiler repairs. That was where he fell in love with steam.

We both got into World War I and after the war we both signed on as toolmakers at the old Martin Perry Company which was to be absorbed into General Motors. It is now a huge truck parts plant.