Steam Driven Machine Shop in Indiana

| March/April 1971

  • Power plant - danger engines
    Our power plant - danger engines. Left side of boiler showing low water cut-off. Looking south in shop. Sanding in foreground.
    Don Jackson

  • Power plant - danger engines

I don't need to mention that he put on another type of sight glass pronto.

There has been an awful lot of steam parts and repairs made in this shop for commercial customers as well as the hobby boys, along with the regular industrial customers.

I asked about the extra vertical engines he has left over; they are for sale - cheap.

Address: Glenn R. Hamilton, 2913 Foltz Street, Indianapolis, Indiana, 46241

(Following is a letter from Glenn Hamilton which I'm sure you'll find interesting.)

Enclosed is the story by Mr. Don Jackson as it appeared in Steam Power, along with pictures of the interior of my shop, and permission to re-print the article.