| November/December 1956

Written for Rees Steam Engine Day at Franklin, Morgan County, Illinois.

There's a heap of real enjoyment 
In steam engines large and small,
And they get a mighty feeling
When they hear that whistle's call!

From far and near they come a-flying 
Engineers both young and old ...
There's just nothing that can stop 'em 
Once that puff of smoke has rolled!

When they open up that throttle, 
It is then they start to live,
Each man feels a sense of greatness 
When those wheels begin to give.

Then the even, steady throbbing 
As the giant engine breathes:
Oh, there ain't NO way of knowing 
All the things that driver sees!

He's an engineer ... for certain ...
Each one plays a perfect part, 
Every move he makes ... an artist
From his very soul and heart!