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From The Inter County Leader and The Frederic Star, Frederic,
Polk County, Wisconsin, of October 15, 1952

Between 300 and 400 people attended  the third annual steam
engine day at Gilmar Johnson’s, West Sweden, Frederic,
Wisconsin, on Saturday afternoon. The weatherman cooperated with
the many camera fans, movies being the favorite. It was pleasant
for everyone, many seeing for the first time and many reminiscing,
comparing the thrills of steam power with gasoline and electric
power, but all agreeing the steam engine has a fascination all its

Four large steamers were in operation. Three are owned by
Johnson and a fourth, purchased that day by Clinton Jackson of
Mondovi, was the Huber formerly owned by Harry Fall strain, then
used at the Atlas vinery, then owned by Bill Hunter of Coomer. One
upright engine was brought up by Einar Tosten son of Minneapolis
for the day. Three stacks of grain were threshed, some in the hand
feed thresher with straw elevator owned by Johnson, and some with a
modern model. Corn was shredded, a sub-soil tiller operated, wood
sawed, and there was a lot of general whistle-tooting- and

A tiny model, requiring six years to build, including imported
parts, owned by John Erickson of Minneapolis, was an outstanding
attraction; many youngsters having their pictures taken while
admiring it. It was a great day for the children, as well as the
grown ups, many mothers and dads bringing the little folks ‘to
see what they otherwise would only read in books.

Mr. and Mrs. Johnson served 16 workers and guests at dinner, and
the West Sweden Homemakers were busy from noon on serving coffee
and lunch to the hundreds who came to admire and to take home
souvenir buttons.

The guest list .included names from as far away as Alaska, and a
couple  from Pontiac, Illinois, especially for the occasion.
Others were from N. Dakota, Minnesota and all over Wisconsin.

  • Published on Mar 1, 1953
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