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Steam Engine Drawing Contest

By Staff

Officers of the National Threshers Association, Inc., wish to
thank all the students who participated in the recent steam
traction engine drawing contest conducted by the Association
through the pages of the IRON-MEN ALBUM. The purpose of the contest
was two-fold: (1) to obtain a drawing of the steam engine to be
used on. the posters advertising the 11th annual Reunion of the NTA
at Montpelier, Ohio, June 23, 24, 25; (2) to interest the younger
generation who have grown up since the era of the steam traction
engine, in these ‘Iron Men’ who played such a large part in
the development of this country. We felt that after a youngster had
actually drawn such a picture he would forever after have a keener
and more understanding interest in these engines.

We offered a prize of $10 to the winning contestant, but so many
fine drawings came in we decided to give each contestant a check
for one dollar, a membership card and a badge. Our only regret was
that limited finances prevented rewarding the excellent artists
more materially. All of the drawings will be exhibited at the
Reunion and the contestants who attend will ride in a special wagon
in both parades Friday and Saturday.

The winning drawing was done by Miss Judith Sabo of Detroit, the
14-year-old daughter of Anthony Sabo. Entries were received from 14
states, pointing up the wide circulation of and interest in the
IRON-MEN ALBUM. Names of the contestants follow: Judith Sabo, 15354
Mark Twain, Detroit, Mich., age 14; Connie Ann Shafer, Huntington
R. 1, Indiana, age 10; David Kemler, Alma, Michigan, age 10;
Richard L. Whisler, R. 3, Newville, Pa., age 11; Dale Halonie, Star
Route, Webster, Mich., age 15; Lewis Myers, 306 Tacoma Ave.,
Defiance, Ohio, age 11; Donald Gene Parry, 522 W. 18th St., Erie,
Pa., age 14; Calvin Hoffer, 2225 Front St., Toledo, Ohio, age 14;
Calvin Smith, Dilworth, Minn., age 13; Leon Eberson, R. 2, Narvon,
Pa., age 10; Dudley Delaney, 21-10 147th St., Whitestone 57, N. Y.,
(no age given); Etta Mae Brand, Redfield, South Dakota, age 12;
David Gorby, % Vincent McKee, R. 3, Washington, Pa., age 15; Arden
K. Pulver, 135 Indianola Ave., Dayton 5, Ohio, age 8; Daniel A.
Cloud, 1612 Lay Blvd., Kalamazoo, Mich., age 8; Gregory A. Peet,
6757 Riverview Dr., R. 2, Kalamazoo, Mich., age 8; Dianne Stevens,
Millville, Minnesota, age 12; Janice Cline, 1088 Babcock Rd., Union
City, Mich., age 16; Joyce Slusser, R. 1, Monclova, Ohio, age
(soph.); Edwin Lenker, R. 1, Gorham, Kansas, age 13; David Leiker,
R. 1, Gorham Kansas, age 7; Randy Carter, 502 Stone St., Flint,
Mich., age 11; William E. Fry, 106 Forest Hills, S. E. Grand
Rapids, Mich., age (not given); Richard Huyett, 522 Second Ave.,
Dixon, Illinois, (no age) ; Tommy Lutzi, 1219 S. Tenth St.,
Lincoln, Nebraska, (no age); Jack Marx, 321 Dey St., Niles,
Michigan, age 15; Eddie Smith, 412 East Third St., Julesburg,
Colorado, age 14; Dickie Smith, Box 66, Julesburg, Colorado, age
10; Gary Puyear, Box 41, Asotin, Washington, age 11; Allan Dexter,
339 S. Miami St., West Milton, Ohio, age 11: Jo Ann Croley, 815 E.
22nd St., N. Kansas City, Missouri, age 17; Carolla Peterson, R. 1,
Spring Grove, Minnesota, age 15; James Hendrix, R. 1, Sarcoxie,
Missouri, (no age).

  • Published on May 1, 1955
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