| November/December 1964

810 S. Judson, Fort Scott, Kansas

The Wagon pictured with steam engines, is one of the first Baggage, Mail and Freight trucks that was assigned to Depot's at the coming of Railroads to this area. It being completely re-built to display these steam engines of equal and older age. The compressor and reservoir mounted under the platform with sufficient clearance to make it easy to move for convenient display. The air from the reservoir is piped to a control pannel housed in the oblong box near center of platform above compressor, each engine having a needle point valve for its individual control, also each engine with its discription is housed in an enclosed plate glass case, that goes to make up an extraordinary nice display, especially our steam engine shows.

Perhaps the oldest engine in the group is one built in 1895, in a farm Blacksmith shop where only hand tools were available, the next in this order is one that was an apprentice project in the Santa-Fe shops at Ottaway, Kansas, 1903-04. The smallest is a 7/16 x 7/16 4' tall, the largest is a 2-5/8 x 4, 24' long with 15' flywheel that weighs 35 lbs. Two of these engines were built in England, Four of the others were found in a junk pile and required a lot of restoration time and effort.

The officers and members of the Pioneer Harvest Fiesta are very grateful to Mr. Myrl Hix, 1105 North Tucker, Pittsburg, Kansas, for his efforts in making this display possible at our 1963 show.