| January/February 1966

2 Village Green, Apt. 202, Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada

STEAM-ERA 'Terrific Success' estimated attendance at over 35,000. Milton, Ontario, once again opened their fair grounds for the Ontario Steam and Antique Preserver's Association STEAM-ERA 65, when around 35,000 streamed into the town over the week-end to enjoy the sciences of yesteryear.

This was the largest show ever, and a success in every way, with more people, equipment, and a real hey-day for the camera enthusiasts.

There were 32 engines, all operative and almost restored to original condition. They ranged in age from 1885 to 1920 and included George White, John Goodison, Case, Sawyer-Massey, Americal Abel, Norsworthy, Waterloo, Robert Bell, John Waterous and Mac-Donald, plus a steam roller, steam shovel, and a steam operated calliope that shrieked out tunes from a bevy of whistles. A large saw mill was busy all through the show; threshing; large fans were also set up on the grounds to test the strength of the 'iron monsters', plus a teeter-totter.

There were 49 gas tractors; early gas engines, numbering 52 was another big attraction; 30 antique cars and trucks, dating back to 1903, were also on display; Miscellaneous large equipment included a drag-saw, corn box, six separators, pumps, saws, cutters, democrat, sleigh, grain grinder, and two band organs. A blacksmith shop was recreated, and a smithy was on duty showing visitors how the shoes were made. P.L. Robertson Manufacturing entered an early cut thread screw manufacturing machine that was operated throughout the show. For the first time an old country 'general store' was built and housed a film bar and souvenirs.

One hall filled with agricultural antiques, was called 'The barn of Yesteryear'. Another exhibited models of equipment, and in the third hall were smaller antique pieces and souvenirs.