Steam for Drilling Wells

| May/June 1991

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  • # Picture 01

Since we believe that steam traction engine collectors are interested in the way steam was used for purposes other than threshing or power takeoff, we think this old ad for a steam well drill would draw attention.

The ad is about 80 years old, from a catalog for the agricultural fair in Lancaster, PA, the hometown of IMA. It is written in very personal style by D.B.Hoffer, of Mount Joy, 'dealer in hardware and farming implements of every description.'

Rather than tell you what the ad says, we'll let you read it yourself. It harks back to the time before public water systems sent their lines extending in all directions. It was meant for the farmer who had to rely on water from under the soil surface to meet the needs of his family, his livestock, and his equipment. Those days are so far back in the past that some of today's young folk might not believe all this was necessary. It was.