| September/October 1958

  • Merry-GO-Round Engine
    The Armitage-Herschell Company Merry-GO-Round engine. Owned by Mr. Theodore A. Libbey, South Berwick, Maine. See his letter.

  • Merry-GO-Round Engine

South Berwick, Maine

I enjoy reading the ALBUM very much. I was greatly interested in the March-April 1958 issue to see the pictures of the Westinghouse Portable, the James Leffell Portable, and the strange looking engine on page 22.

Up in this neck of the woods there were never many traction engines and all I remember seeing as a youngster were the steam road rollers. About 30 years ago I borrowed from a neighbor, a portable engine and sawed fire wood with it, and I have always remembered what a good job it did.

A couple years ago I was able to save this portable from the junk man. It was built by the Armitage-Hershell Co., of Tonawanda, New York. It ran a merry-go-round at our local amusement park. The bore is about 5 inch and 5 inch stroke. The rope sheave and the brake on one of the flywheels is missing.

After I have finished the one inch scale Model Case traction engine that I am now building I hope to make a Model of this Portable. Its rotative slide valve makes it a neat and symmetrical engine.

I am greatly interested in learning more about the Armitage-Hershell Co., and Merry-Go-Round engine in general and would appreciate any information the ALBUM readers could give me.