| September/October 1979

3018 Bremen Street, Columbus, Ohio 43224

The three-inch scale engine is complete to the smallest detail including the famous Case eagle trademark on the front of the boiler.

Not many people can boast of keeping a working steam traction engine in their basement. But Forrest Love of Columbus, Ohio can. In fact, Love has two Case model 65 horsepower steam traction engines stored in his cellar.

There is a hitch, of course. The Case engines are miniatures.

Love, a retired electrician, has made a hobby of building miniature steam engines. His last project, a three inch working scale model, took ten years to complete. It is 1/4 the size of the original Case engine popular during the first part of the 1900s for farm work. The engine stands 32' high, 25' wide and 62' long.

Love began construction on the engine in 1968 based on plans ordered from Alexander Enterprises, Kansas City, Missouri. Working on the engine in his spare time, 'and sometimes I couldn't spare,' Love painstakingly built and painted the individual engine parts.