Steam Powered Automobile Under Development


| March/April 1993

P.O. Box 2312 Mansfield, Ohio 44905.

This is a new steam-powered automobile which may interest IMA readers. On the following page is an illustration of an automotive steam engine intended as a replacement for the highly-polluting, presently used gasoline and diesel engines in autos and trucks. This engine will also be used in the Centurion, shown below, a new automobile currently under development, which when ready for market would sell for about $3,995.

The idea of automotive steam engines is not new. Steam once powered such automobiles as the Stanley, the White Steamer, and several other makes. Had the Stanley brothers been better business people, we might now be driving steam-powered autos instead of fouling our breathing air with noxious fumes and making the OPEC nations super-rich.

One advantage in my design is that this engine could be mass-produced for about two hundred dollars ($200) each, as it can be made from stock parts readily and economically available. The cylinders are made from heavy wall seamless steel pipe machined and honed on the inside. The pistons are a stock type. The cylinder heads are heavy wall pipe caps. There is nothing expensive or difficult to manufacture. No costly, exotic machines will be necessary to produce this engine in quantity.