Steam School in Session: Classes Teach Students to Handle Traction Engines

Hands-on experience with steam engines is a part of classes

| Winter 2007

Steam schools have been with us since the heyday of steam traction engines. The safe and competent operation of steam traction engines was a priority when steam engines ruled the agricultural landscape 100 years ago, and it’s still a priority today.

Our listing is compiled from information sent by readers and through contact made to schools that have operated in previous years. As such, there may be schools we have omitted, and we encourage readers to alert us to any schools we haven’t listed.

The photo on the top of the page comes from The American Thresherman, and advertised the Thresher’s School of Modern Methods, which at that time was led by none other than the legendary P.S. Rose, then associate editor of The American Thresherman.

Somerset Steam and Gas Engine Assn.

10th Annual Somerset Steam School

Somerset, Va.