2001 Pawnee Steam School

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Photo by Pawnee Steam School
Promotional flyer for the 2001 Pawnee Steam school.

The quiet Missouri town of Lathrop, known as the mule capital of
the world, was host to the 2001 Pawnee Steam School. Lathrop was a
center of mule production and trading in years past; today it
boasts the showgrounds of the Lathrop Antique Car, Tractor and
Engine Association.

The School had 175 students from across the United States and
Canada. Nine instructors were from the states of Oklahoma, Kansas,
Illinois, and Indiana. Pawnee Steam School is unique in the fact
that it travels to a different location each year. With the school
being ‘on the road,’ the student body is very diverse in
terms of geography as well as in skill and experience levels.

Jim Plowman and many members of the Lathrop Antique Car, Tractor
and Engine did a wonderful job of providing meals and tending to
the many needs involved in hosting the steam school.

Each steam school class generated a lively question and answer
session at its end. The boiler water treatment class had a very
informative discussion. Experiences with boiler water treatment in
the Eastern part of the U.S. were related by a Pennsylvania steam
school student.

Fellowship is also a big part of the Pawnee Steam School and
accordingly, certain people were presented with a steam school
‘award.’ Joe Graziana received a clear majority of awards
this year. Among the many ‘useful’ awards he received were
a third hand (for use during the belting contest), a sand timer
made of two one-gallon jars (also for use during the belting
contest), and a Keck-Gonnerman precision adjustment tool. The
student traveling the farthest distance was awarded a gallon of
Harold Stark’s home-brew. (This brew may or may not be used to
clean injectors.)

Chady Atteberry reports the 2002 Pawnee Steam School, which
returns to Pawnee, Oklahoma, will be a three-day school. The school
will feature a ‘steam school class reunion’ where the
students will have the opportunity to fire and belt up engines. A
demonstration of climbing the incline will also be done on Friday.
The 2002 Pawnee Steam School will be held on March 29, 30, and

Due to demand for Pawnee Steam School textbooks, extra copies
have been printed on a first-come basis. The textbook is available
for $10.00 per copy (which includes postage) by sending cash, money
order or check to Larry Creed, R.R. #13, Box 209, Brazil, IN
47834. FC

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