| September/October 1973

Adena, Ohio 43901.

My being a steam enthusiast, and working in the coal fields of eastern Ohio, helping keep the huge stripping shovels running, naturally arouses my interest in the steam shovel.

While eating dinner on a repair job on the 'Silver Spade' shovel, several of us fellows got to talking 'steam.' I stated that I would like some pictures of steam shovels to send into 'The Iron-Men Album.' One of the fellows stated that his father had several pictures that were taken when he worked on steam shovels years ago. I asked, him if I could copy some of the pictures.

His father, Mr. C. W. Bahner, had fired, craned, or operated steam shovels in Montana, Minnesota, Michigan, Maryland and Ohio. He operated one of the first electric shovels that ever worked in the Eastern Ohio coal fields. His shovel had been converted from steam to electric. His shovel career spanned nearly 60 years, so he saw 'King Steam' come and go, as far as steam shovels were concerned. He said that he can still hear one particular steam whistle ring in his ears yet!

I'm sure these pictures will refresh memories of some of the old timers and bring awe to some of the younger generation.