Steam Theme at Newcomen Museum

| July/August 1981

Steam is the theme at the Newcomen Museum, a unique institution west of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The welcome mat is out for steam collectors, school students, and all members of the public who want to learn more about the history of steam power, and to see superbly made working models of famous engines.

Full title of the facility is The Thomas Newcomen Memorial Library and Museum in Steam and Business History.

Mrs. Nancy Arnold, librarian/ curator, who conducts tours of the museum and relates its history and services, emphasizes that Thomas Newcomen was the first person to design a working steam engine, and that his work preceded James Watt's by more than half a century.

A model of Newcomen's mine pumping atmospheric steam engine is on display just one of the many that would please any steam buff visiting the museum.

Here is a partial list of models you can see: