| March/April 1963

Sec'y, 208 East Church Street, Urbana, Illinois

Members of The Miami Valley Steam Threshers Association held their semi-annual meeting at the court house, Urbana, Ohio, Sunday afternoon, October 28, 1962. Purpose of the meeting was to hear auditing committee report, to elect officers for the coming year and to select a place for the 1963 show.

Mr. Mark Francis, Mechanicsburg, Ohio, as chairman of the auditing committee, commended the officers on the splendid condition of their records and the organization on a very successful exhibition last year.

Officers elected for the coming year were: President, Mr. George Edinger, Urbana, Ohio; Vice Pres., Mr. Chester King, Springfield, Ohio; Secretary, Mr. L. H. Little, Urbana, Ohio; Treasurer, Mr. Ernest L. Wilkins, Cable, Ohio and Chaplain, Mr. Robert E. Price, Logansport, Indiana. All board members were reappointed to serve another term.

As to location for next year's show, a preliminary ballot showed that quite a number were in favor of holding same at the Champaign Co. Fair Grounds, Urbana, Ohio. However, the final ballot was for Goshen Memorial Park, Mechanicsburg, Ohio, where it has been held for the past five years. Dates for the show will be July 26, 27 and 28, 1963.

Other items discussed at the meeting were additional improvements at Goshen Park for the comfort of those attending the show, also a promise to correct traffic and parking facilities, which has been a problem due to the increasing popularity of steam shows.