| September/October 1977

1511 Iglehart Avenue, St. Paul, Minn. 55104

September 11th and 12th, 1976 were the dates of the 20th Annual Steam Threshing Days Shows at the E. G. Huppert farm, Beldenville, Wisconsin. The location of the show is just off Highway 35 on a road known as J. West between River Falls and Ellsworth. Leaving 35, one soon arrives at the show site which is less than half a mile east of the intersection.

Upon arriving you find the show area south of the road and a hay field on the north side of the road with no end of parking space. As Ralph Truax and I came to the gate, we found Jeff Place in charge. His wife, Jan, is Ed Huppert's grand daughter, and as they now have two children, they are the Ed Huppert's great grand children.

As to activity at the show, threshing was done with a threshing machine, fully equipped using an oil pull tractor, a 25 HP oil engine and steam engines for power. The small hand feed, slat stacker threshing machine operated by a single cylinder 6 HP gas engine, handles split out bundles very well and it is quite an attraction. A corn shredding demonstration given by Ken Majeske and Arnold Tyler was very well done. Lumber sawing by Hans Schmidt, Ken Majeske, Jerry Merta and Arnold Tyler was in progress using a McCormick Deering tractor.

Hans Schmidt, Ken Majeski and Jerry Merta own several tractors that I will try to mention. They have a John Deere A, model 1937 or 38, a 1935 John Deere model B, a John Deere D, and a McCormick Deering 22-36.

Kenny owns a Rosenthal corn shredder, which is either a two or 4 roll that was used in the demonstrations. Schmidt, Majeski and Merta are neighboring farmers in the Beldenville locality. Not only do they take an active part in the show each year, but they give the show a lift by their constant activity. Arnold Tyler worked with them by helping every way he could. These fellows used the McCormick Deering tractor on the lumber saw, while staging at the same time an exhibit of small gas engines grinding feed, running a hand corn sheller and other small machines. In this collection was a 2 HP International, an Ottowa dragsaw; a 4 HP engine, and a 4 HP United engine, two bun-feed mills and a little Wonder sheep shearing machine.