| September/October 1955

From the Lodi (Cal.) News-Sentinel

J. J. Hochhalter, jeweler and optician of Steele, N. D., currently visiting with Alex Lebedoff, 409 W. Walnut Street, Lodi, remembers when he used to feed straw into the fire pit to create a head of steam for an engine.

Of his memories, and with minor improvements of his own, he has created a small model of such a steam engine tractor which is attracting interest wherever shown.

Yesterday (Jan. 12, 1955) Hochhalter had the model, the second he has built, on display at the G. G. Hust & Son shop on N. School Street. He and Hust had been school chums back in the Dakotas.

The little model weighs 16? pounds, is 7 inches wide, 12 inches high, and 20? inches long.

The bore and stroke is seven-sixteenths of an inch. Fueled with three ounces of wood alcohol it builds up a 75 pound operating pressure and will run for 30 minutes at a fueling. The boiler itself is safety tested to 145 lbs. pressure but it has a very efficient governor and safety valve.