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By Staff

I read with great interest the ad of John Cleverdon of Caldwell
Idaho in the issue of Iron Men Album. It so happens I sold this
steam Train to John a few years ago, and is always the case no more
steam trains than there are, each one has a history with it. There
was a particular quirk on this one. The gentleman whom I bought the
train from told me it was used at the Railroad Fair in Chicago, and
I assumed it was made about that time, and when I sold it to John I
told him the same thing. I had a picture of it.

I sent to Mr. A.B. Jeffirs of Piedmont, Mo. who was an authority
on miniature steam trains, and lo and behold, Jeff sent me back a
picture of himself setting on the train when he was about fifteen
years old, in 1915. It was in Riverview Park in Chicago, which is a
large amusement park; this train must have traveled several hundred
thousand miles and made as many dollars for its owners. It operated
there until 1942 when it was sold, and from all appearances and
operation, this train was and is in perfect shape. If any one is in
a market for a real train, I don’t hesitate to recommend this
one. In fact John said it runs better when its loaded down than
when it’s half empty.

  • Published on May 1, 1966
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