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20 hp. Case belonging to C. R. Willbanks, R. D. 3, Box 331, Oregon City, Oregon. Picture taken at Rodney Pitts Steam Up Day, Canby, Oregon.
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Case 65 hp. at Souris Fair, 1956

Along with my renewal for your magazine I am enclosing a picture
taken at Rodney Pitts, ‘Steam Up Day’ at Canby, Oregon. The
engine in the picture is the same one shown in the May-June issue,
1956 then owned by W. E. (Bill) Walston. I purchased and restored
this engine this past summer. Including rejacketing and painting.
We have discovered that this engine was manufactured February 21,
1902. After writing to Case Company we have gotten a bit of
information but not very complete.

I also have added to my collection of steam engines, a 20-40
Case gas tractor. Two 20-40 oil pull Rumelys, a Titan 20, a 16-30
oil pull Rumley. One of the earliest, Model D, John Deere. A very
early 10-20 McCormick. Deering and a four wheel drive Massey Harris
and a Happy Farmer (La-Cross) tractor.

I am looking for more old gas tractors and oil pull Rumelys that
are not too far away.

C. R. WILLBANKS, R. D. 3, Box 331, Oregon City, Oregon

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