| September/October 1969

EA2,USN-MCB 128 'H' Co.,San Francisco, FPO 96601

This steam roller was found in QUANG TRI CITY which is just south of the DMZ. Arrangements were made thru our Civil Affairs Officer to repair it for the people. It has not been in working order for quite sometime, when it was used for street repair.

The engine is an Albaret, Type BM, No. 1544 made in Rantigny Oise, France.

Can anyone tell us what year and what horsepower this engine is?

It was towed back to the base by a 10 ton military tow truck. Every time the truck hit a small bump the front wheels would come off the ground! Although we don't know what this roller weighs, it is sure to be well over 10 tons.

The repair work was turned over to 'A' Co. and McClure, 1st Class Construction Mechanic, volunteered to take charge of the job. All work was done in his spare time. McClure had no previous experience with steam engines but took to the work willingly and did a fine job.