| March/April 1974


If we look on the energy crisis as an opportunity, rather than as an unbeatable problem, we'll all be the better for it.

Readers of The Iron -Men Album include hundreds who are inventive and innovative, who can see a challenge they enjoy in the shortage of fuels. We call on them to apply their minds and their skills to finding new ways, and reviving and adapting old ways, to meet today's problems and put America ahead on the energy front.

What can be done with steam that should be brought to the fore? Steam may well have a more glorious future than its past, which was elemental to the Industrial Revolution, opened the way for giant strides in production of power and transportation, and gave the impetus for man's leap from ancient farming methods to the opening of millions of acres to agriculture.

We quote from Amos Rixxman, past president of the ATA, Oklahoma City, who wrote in the 1962 ATA program book about the steam engine:

'Never developed to the fullest extent, it could well have been the sole, or nearly sole, power used today! Yet the potential of the reciprocating steam engine design has never been developed beyond its infancy! The future of newer and small atomic power plants may yet see our forgotten age of steam return in a new dress.