Steam Whistle Concert

| January/February 1962

No. 18

STR. CASABLANCA. During World War II a series of steam propeller tow boats were built for the Defense Plant Corp. which have since been known to river men as the ''DPC's'. This one was built in 1944 and immediately chartered to the American Barge Line who then bought her in 1946. The CASABLANCA worked continuously until retired last year and is now scheduled to be made into a dredge. Her cast iron 3-chime whistle was taken off just for this concert by River Service of Jeffersonville, Indiana.

No. 19

AUCTION WHISTLE No. 1 is a brass 3-chime whistle with valve. The bell length is 8'. Nothing is known of its history it looks old and sounds good. This whistle will toe auctioned off to the highest bidder at the Schweizer Fest Beer Garden August 1st at 7:30 P.M.

No. 29

THE TELL CITY SPOKE CO. was founded in 1889, located in the area now occupied by the Maxon yard on the south side of the flood wall. In 1900, according to an old newspaper report, this firm employed 25 men and turned out 5,000 finished spokes daily that is, spokes for Wagon Wheels. This whistle, loaned by Pete Ziegler of Tell City, hasn't been heard for several score years.