1977 Stephenson County Antique Engine Club Show

The Freeport, Ill., show featured working steam-, gas- and horse-powered equipment

| July/August 1978

The 1977 show held at Freeport by the Stephenson County Antique Engine Club went smoothly due to the untiring efforts of the many club members and exhibitors from a multi-state area.

Estimated attendance was in excess of 15,000 fans, many of whom were surprised by seeing around 115 gas and oil tractors and 9 large steam engines in operation. Some of these were very rare!

The last few years has seen our “Horse-Power” part of the show grow from a few draft horses on wagons to horsepower sweep corn shelling, threshing, woodsawing, grain loading, baling and also treadmill threshing. You can see all this going on at the same time that there is steam and gas threshing. Hopefully, in 1978 we will also be using a Case slat stacker with steam.

The members also demonstrated clover hulling, stationary baling, corn shredding, and flour grinding of wheat, buckwheat and rye with a pre-1900 stone burr mill.

At the saw mill area, it takes a large crew and the mill usually is running from 10:30 a.m. till 5:00 p.m. with time out for the huge parade. The club’s shingle mill (new to us this year) was restored by a couple of expert members and cut cedar shingles next to the barrel stave mill, which was run by steam and OilPull. The old Stover rock crusher kind of dusted the boys on the Farquhar but being dedicated, they only threatened to throw a granite rock into the hopper.

Across the drive from all this sawdust, was the flea market building which overflowed into Gasoline Alley a bit. We will provide more space in 1978 for you wonderful gas engine friends.