Story by Ralph Hussong

| September/October 1964

Slightly over one hundred years ago the people of Adams county Illinois started a home for their unfortunate, known as the County Home. It was located not too far from the center of the county on a farm of 160 acres where they maintained their own dairy, small beef herd raised many hogs and a large flock of poultry as time continued and the inhabitants increased the building was enlarged until in the late 1890's it was three story building with one hundred and five rooms with separate boiler pit equipped with large steam boilers for heating the structure and any additional power requirements such as needed in a well equipped laundry, slaughter house etc. in fact the farm was very self sufficient in its own. This place continued to operate until Dec. 30, 1960 at that time the county board of supervisors decided to place the occupants in rest homes and dispose of the farm and large building. The place was purchased by a Mr. Grant Martin who proceeded to dismantle the premises, so that by the end of 1963 little remained except the laundry where his family resided. The large water tower and boiler pit which housed the boilers steam pumps work shop etc. in April 11, 1964 one of the boilers was purchased by Ralph Hussong a retired steam engineer of Camp Point, Illinois who inturn presented it to the Old Settlers and Threshers reunion Ass'n. at Mt. Pleasant Iowa with the hope that it can be used to operate Corless engines which have been given them. It will be impossible to get this set up and in shape to operate this season but can be seen S. W. of the railroad building where it can be seen during the reunion Sept 9, 10, 11, 12, 1964.