Stratman Show

| January/February 1976

Steinauer, Nebraska 68441

The Stratman Steam Engine and Gas Engine Show was held September 20, 21, 1975 at Wilcox, Nebraska.

The displays consisted of steam engines, large and scale models; gas engines up to 10 HP and scale models. There was a scale model of the upright, side shaft and hit and miss model. There were very nicely constructed old tractors that included two Linman B John Deeres complete with bulldozer blades. Horses with wagons provided rides. Antique cars sponsored by the Nebraska, Iowa Chapter of Hudson Cars were there, also other makes represented from Cheveland U.S.A. museum and a lot of machinery used in the past.

The Flea Market section was full and busy both days. Many people found things to take home.

The Saturday crowd was not as large as some years because of cold northwest wind was blowing, but Sunday was a nice day with a good crowd. The programs consisted of demonstrations of threshing, shelling corn, sawing wood and baling straw. The Baker fan was used by various tractors both days.

The Creators steam popcorn machine was busy both days with delicious popcorn. The Corliss engine was running both days.