| March/April 1978

The Stratman Steam and Gas Engine Show was held September 24, and 25, 1977 with two nice days. There was a nice display of antique cars, gas engines, full size and scale model steam engines and tractors. The antique car section was mostly Model A's and Hudsons with a few other makes presenting a nice variety.

The gas section was showing pumping water, cutting off logs, sawing cord wood, running grinding stones and burr grinders, generators and other things that gas engines were used for in their day.

The big Minnie powered the thresher both days and a tractor was used to bale the straw.

The scale model steam engines powered the scale model lumber saw and shingle saw.

There was a nice group of swap booths. One Was the old type of popcorn machines. There was a very large display of spark plugs that drew a lot of comments.

John had his large all metal building that he designed and built himself out of tubing pipes and flat roll sheet iron. It housed the eating stand, some displays and swap booths. The big thing in the metal building was John's 125 HP Corliss type engine running for the first time inside since he has owned it. Steam was supplied from a boiler outside.