Stuart, Iowa

| November/December 1971

Stuart, Iowa 50250.

It's Centennial Celebration

Municipal Light Plant

On August 7, 8, and 9, 1970 the Town of Stuart, Iowa celebrated its centennial year. About 1850 a small group of Quaker immigrants from Indiana and Ohio settled on a wooded ridge about 40 miles west of Des Moines, Iowa. Others came. They built a meeting house and named the site Summit Grove.

As the Rock Island Railroad extended its lines westward Captain Charles Stuart and A. L. McPherson bought land around Summit Grove in 1868 and laid it out in town lots. The plat was recorded in the Adair and Guthrie county seats in 1870. The town was given the name of Stuart. Stuart became a division point on the railroad and grew rapidly until the railroad shops were removed in 1897.

In 1889 a group of citizens petitioned the city council to have a municipal light plant built. An election which carried by about seven to one for the plant was held on July 26, 1890. On October 11, 1890 the Hawkeye Electric Mfg. Co. of Davenport, Iowa was given the contract to build the plant and distribution system at a cost of $9,126.00.